Säben Abbey

The abbey is situated on a rock beyond Klausen, the so-called holy mountain. The warmth of the sun and the colorful leaves of the trees along the Kastanienweg (chestnut path) invite our guests to hike there.

Walking the Way of the Cross (starting in the center of Klausen) or the adventurous Eselsteig (the 'donkey track', starting in the Tinnetal valley, 1 km away from Klausen) you can reach it within 45 minutes.

Europas highest situated pilgrimage site: Latzfonser Kreuz 2400 m on Ritzlar

A hike to the refuge of the Latzfonser Kreuz is both, inspiring and worthwhile for young and old. A walking-tour with the family is a joy for the kids and wakes their interest for further hikes.

The Latzfonser Kreuz can be reached from the parking site of the Kaseregg Jochalm within 1 1/2 hours.


Climbing to the Kassianspitze and Ritzlorspitze mountains is worthwhile for the unique sunrise experience.

Small walking-tours in close vicinity

Our guests enjoy tours to Verdings. After a little rest on the “Kirchenhügel”, a hill below the church with a wonderful view on the Geisler mountain group, they hike on the “Biermehlweg” path down to the Törggelen farm “Moar zu Viersch”.

Next, the well-known „Kastanienweg” (chestnut path) leads the hikers to Feldthurns. Children can look forward to the delicious ice cream served in the “Tonic Bar”, as a reward for reaching their destination.

Afterwards, tired hikers can return to Verdings by bus every hour. However, sporty guests on their way back can take a detour at the “Moarhof” in direction Säben to the “Huber in Pardell” where a good meal awaits them.


Way from „Gosthof“  to Latzfons and Schnauders

Already in the morning our guests start for a little hiking tour from the „Gosthof“ to Latzfons taking the „Kirchsteig“ and reaching the village within 15 minutes. There they get freshly baken bread at the bakery.

To get to Garn on a hiking tour you can go straight on for 500 meters at the bus station then turn left to Garn between the Mühleggerhof and the „Blabacherhof“. After a short steep ascent the way continues gently rising along a little stream. Having walked further on for 500 meters you can turn left in the path get to the "Ratscheiner Reasa" (a little pond) where you can watch the fish.

Afterwards, you can take different ways to get back to the village of Latzfons.
Further on you have got the possibility for a hiking tour to Garn, Schnauders or Feldthurns and then return to Latzfons by bus on an hourly basis.

Possibilities for recreation at the „Tinnebach“

Mainly (but not only) our guests with dogs appreciate the short excursions to the „Tinnebach“. Mostly they take the car following the „Pucherstraße“  to the „Tinnetal“ until they reach the castle „Garnstein“. They park their car about 200 meters after the restaurant „Mühlele“ at left hand side at the bed of the brook. Children often play at the water or build little water castles just below the castle.

There is also the possibility to get to Klausen 4 kilometers further on. The guests can park their cars for free along the „Tinnebach“  just outside the city. Walking straight on It takes them five minutes to the Garden of the Capuchin Monks as well as to the municipal museum or the municipal library.
To go shopping it‘s worth to go in direction Bozen to the „Despar Klausen“ .

Walking-tour to Verdings

Especially in autumn, Verdings is a predestinated place of excursions for our guests. After passing the village of Latzfons at the busstation our guests  follow the footpath in direction of Verdings. They pass three little creeks and after about an hour they reach the village of Verdings.

On the way they admire the chestnut and apple trees. Having reached Verdings they sometimes visit the painting „Lebensrad“ (Wheel of Life) in the little funeral chapel at the cemetery or they rest at the playground below the church.

Already exhausted hikers can go back to the national road and take the bus back to Latzfons which comes along on an hourly basis.

Good places for excursions on rainy weather

  • Visit "Ötzi the Iceman" in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bozen
  • Trostburg castle in Waidbruck
  • Pfunderer mine in Villanders
  • Swimming bath "Acquarena" in Brixen
  • The "Messner Moutain Museum" in Sigmundskron castle